Leapwing UltraVox


Leapwing is proud to announce their brand-new vocal processor: UltraVox. A set-and-forget plugin that is designed for songwriters, producers and engineers, who want to achieve a great vocal sound quickly. It comes with 4 unique algorithms, each optimized to work for any type of vocal:

Compression is meant to take out the peaks in a vocal performance and balance out the vocal, achieving a consistent level without unwanted artifacts. The gentle and very musical Gate has a dual purpose: one is to reduce room noise and the other is to reduce breathes and mouth sounds that are brought up by compression. Harmonics gives a beautiful coloration to almost any vocal, and Air allows you to add crispiness to your vocal without introducing harshness.

Key Features

  • 4 highly tuned algorithms that interact with each other, aimed at getting a quick vocal sound, these include:
  • Compression: single band soft-knee compression with variable program- dependent (short) attack and (long) release times
  • Gate: aimed to remove room noise, also with variable program-dependent (medium-long) attack and (short) release times
  • Harmonics: Primarily 2nd and 3rd order harmonics that give a polished character to the vocal
  • Air: Equalization focused around 12kHz to give the vocal that shine, without introducing harshness. With its boost and cut capability, it’s useful to tonalize the vocal
  • All algorithms are meticulously tuned with the highest quality achievable and a pristine sound
  • Beautiful re-sizable Retina interface with a unique level visualization
  • Sample rates supported up to 384kHz (DXD).
  • Available as 64-bit plugins in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats for macOS (10.13 and higher) and Windows 8 and 10.


  • Recording – Production – Mixing
  • Ideal to put early-on in the vocal chain, possibly right after any corrective EQ and filtering, or right before adding any effects